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Where to buy certificates and documents online?

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Can I get a driving license without an exam in the Italy?

  Can I get a driving license   without an exam?     Driving school training is usually associated with costs of the order of four figures. If you don't have enough money to fund your driver's license training, you are looking for alternatives. A popular means is to buy a driver's license in other European countries. The price is well below what one would spend on a full school education. Since the introduction of the   EU driving license in 1999, even if issued abroad, it is also valid in Germany. To buy a license without a driving school, the following conditions must be met: They must have permanent residence in the EU country where the driving license must be issued for at least six months without interruption within one calendar year. The minimum age to obtain a driving license must be reached .   A possible driving license lockout period in Germany may not be active.     Contact us if you want to drive in Germany , Austria, Poland, and other European countries wit